I personally own all of Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine’s books and their original book What Not to Wear, which was published in 2003, is my bible of sorts.  I’ve always been a fan of their “no nonsense” approach when it comes to dressing your body shape.  If you don’t own this book, run to the bookstore NOW!

My best friend Jill and I often joke about being the Trinny and Susannah of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I have the big boobs, Jill has no boobs. (OK, really that isn’t true at all!).  Jill has the amazing waist and I have not waist at all.  I could go further into all the details, but I’ll spare you.  If you are familiar with Trinny and Susannah, you can guess which one of us favors which one of them.  The point being, we are opposites in body shape.

Studies show that most woman dislike something about their body shape.  I’m definitely one of these women.  I’ve learned that I can curse it (silently, of course) or embrace it.  While I stand steadfast to the idea of dressing for your AGE, I also stand steadfast in dressing for your BODY SHAPE.  Once you get it down, it really makes shopping a breeze.

So let me address my personal body shape: The Apple

Someone with an apple shaped body carries most of her weight above her waist, most noticeably in her stomach. She often has large breasts, narrow hips and thin legs. A protruding tummy is the hallmark of the apple shape and the cause of continuing frustration for the woman who must dress this figure type.  Below are some tips from the What Not to Wear book and some of my thoughts. Do I break these rules sometimes? Yes, but I do regret it every time.


Big Boobs, Big Arms, No Waist and Flabby Tummy

T-shirts with a wide-open neckline and 3/4 sleeves. Avoid high neck and sleeveless tees. I’m not a huge fan of sleeveless shirts anyway because my big arms are really not attractive!

V-neck tops that are looser on the chest and tighter around the waist.

Deep V jackets, small lapel and a shorter length.

Wrap dresses. My favorite are DVF.

Wrap cardigans for the same reason as wrap dresses. They pull in the waist.

Delicate jewelry at the wrist. I admittedly break this rule on a regular basis.

Flat front pants with a side zipper.

Secret jeans tip: the lift tuck technology of Not Your Daughter’s Jeans.

SPANX!  Thank you to my amazing Tri Delta sister, Sarah Blakely.

Financial compensation was not received for this post. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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Beth Anderson

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